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To meet the Artist and visit The Lobster Pot Studio, please click on the link below to see a delightful 4 minute film created by PBS Director/Producer James Nicoloro

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The Artist, Susan Boone Durkee, in her Studio, called The Lobster Pot, so named by Mark Twain who owned the property at the turn of the Century

 I spend 7-10 hours a day in the Studio…and usually even weekends.

 I have been painting for over 45 years.. I am primarily self trained, as you will see by all my art books and my many painting studies of the masters.   Being an Artist is a life's devotion…a devotion to truth, honesty and and spiritual awakening...and very solitary, especially for  a portrait artist… so I sacrifice the carefree lifestyle with one of discipline, dedication and concentration. 

 My reward is that with each portrait, I capture the beauty and immortality of a unique individual's spirit.

Dr. Kevin Hicks, Former Head of The Hotchkiss School, Collection The Hotchkiss School

Lilyan, Collection of the Artist

"Dominick Protomastro" former President & CEO  of  Phillips Medical

Portrait painting is the hardest of all fields of painting…You have to capture the spirit and likeness of the person……you have to constantly concentrate….look…think…and never give up ….!!!! Your mind and your spirit become one with your subject. The main principles about portrait painting are:  values (how light or dark how warm or cool a color is), edges, and accurate drawing…constantly using a plum line to measure the placement and angle of each feature… All aspects of portraiture are very exacting...when you put that final touch, the catch light in the eye, your subject comes alive! 

 I know I have finished my portrait..when the portrait  becomes alive and begins to talk to me...

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, 38 x 32 oil on canvas

Collection the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, wife of secretary-general of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon,

                          Collection Mr. and Mrs. Ban Ki-moon, New York, 18 x 14 oil on linen



Peter O'Neill, former Head of The Hotchkiss School, Collection The Hotchkiss School



Phoebe Dey, 

Collection of Choate Rosemary Hall School, 18 x 14 oil on Linen

Mariano Rivera, The greatest Closer of All Time, collection of the Artist

Woman with a Pearl Necklace, Anna Jansson Sharkey

"Vincent A. Gierer, Jr." former  Chairman of UST Inc.  Stamford, Ct

(all the small  painted details around Mr. Gierer's portrait...nearly drove me to drink!)


"Diana Kulkarni" private collection Boston, Mass.

"Helen Coley Nauts"  founder of the Cancer Research Institute

Collection Cancer Research Institute, New York

 Paul Newman (Sketch) Private Collection

Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Fund Raiser

The Redding Mark Twain

Collection of the artist

"Katherine" private collection Scarsdale, New york

"Kaye and Sal Pepe"   Greenwich, Ct

Pepe Family Collection

"Anticipation"  award winner of The Margery Soroka Memorial Award Salmagundi Club 2011

Exhibited in the  Annual American Women Artists National Juried Show 2010

Private Collection, New York


Innocence, 16 x 12 oil on linen


President Ronald Reagan, Study, Collection of the artist

Anna  Jansson Sharkey (Detail)

Director Barclays Capital 




"Mark Twain at Stormfield" private collection

 "Saleel Kulkarni"  Private Collection

"Honor Fraser"   collection of the artist

photo courtesy of David Siedner

Peter Trippi Head Study

Editor of Fine Art Connoiseur Magazine

Collection Peter Trippi

 "Jim Thorpe The Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century"

Winner of the Founders Award National Art Museum of Sport 2011

Collection of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton Ohio

The Bouvier Children

 Bouvier Family Collection

Liza, 24 x 30 oil on canvas

Muhlfeld Family Collection

This is Captain Stormfield, a 23 pounder, he helps me every day in the Studio

photo Courtesy of James Nicoloro


"Lucille Lortel"  collection of The Players Club, New York

Malcolm Baldrige,

former Secretary of Commerce

Collection Baldrige School of Business, 

Post University, Waterbury Ct.

To meet the Artist and visit The Lobster Pot Studio, please click on the link below to see a delightful 4 minute film created by PBS Director/Producer James Nicoloro

Captain Stormfield posing, photo courtesy of James Nicoloro

To see more artwork by Susan Boone Durkee visit:

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