Friday, April 11, 2014

Choate Rosemary Hall, the great honor of painting the portrait of Phoebe Dey

           Phoebe  Dey     oil in linen  18 x 14


It was a true honor to capture the lovely Phoebe Dey on canvas. When I was contacted by Choate Rosemary Hall to commission the portrait for the newly named, Phoebe Dey House, and I saw the photo which they wanted me to base the portrait, my first reaction was, WOW..this is a special woman!
I could see the integrity, strength and human goodness immediately in Phoebe's photograph.
The portrait brushed together like a breeze...when you have a subject of this quality and surrounded by so much love, it makes the  job so much easier! 


"The Dey family, along with present and future Choate generations, shall ever be the beneficiaries of your accurate and sensitive portrayal of dear Phoebe. And the most important tribute came from your subject's first reaction to seeing her portrait,    "I could not be more pleased!"  

Charles Dey, former Head Master Choate Rosemary Hall



Phoebe Dey, reference photo for the portrait

Phoebe, Charlie Dey and I,  in front of her portrait

Phoebe and I in front of the portrait....what an honor for me!

The portrait hanging in its new home, The Phoebe Dey House, Head Masters Home, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut

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