Friday, September 21, 2012

Whimsical Portraits..A portrait concept outside the box"

   I have thought for years what fun it would be to have a portrait done as a personal fantasy......sometimes when I speak with clients...they sort of feel vain or self indlugent in having a formal  oil portrait done...but this idea sometimes hits home..they can put themselves in a historical instant relative from colonial days..that  also happens to look just like them...or  a total fantasy, along with a pet I created in the " Rob as Zeus" combining personal objects in an adapted  Ingres painting...
Anyway, certainly a conversation piece.... especially for someone who seems to have everything!
Here are some past custom whimsical portraits along with a recent postcard.

Author Keith Jones as the Revolutionary War Officer

Dr. Richard Paulding as  the "Americana Primitive Style Circa 1860" Country Doctor

Terrance Vontobel as the Duc D'Orleans (After Ingres)

Rob as Zeus (adapted for an Ingres painting)

Miss Hoyt in 1800's dress with her dog


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