Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lobster Pot Artist's Spiritual Inspiration

Every year at this time...I get a longing in my heart when I see my beautiful gardens... the colors..the compositions.... want to have the time to capture them on canvas.


I just put together a collage of some photos I took from this spring's color show till just today when all the summer flowers are in bloom..I hope you enjoy seeing the gardens as much as I do...this lovely Lobster Pot is a very special place..





This swallow has a great home for the of the many Bird houses on the property

The Love Bird Fountain

Spring View from The Studio Balcony

The Lobster Pot Vegetable Garden

Photo courtesy of James Nicoloro

Topiary Garden in the Fall

Topiary Garden in Winter

To see more artwork from my studio visit!

 To see a delightful 4 min. video of me  and visit  Mark Twain's "The Lobster Pot" visit:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Redding-Weston-Easton Patch visits The Lobster Pot Studio, Gallery and Gardens

Yesterday, July 12th, while working on a commission of a President of a Company...I recieved a phone call asking if The Lobster Pot was open. Well, of course my first reaction was that someone was calling to make a resevation for Lunch....I have many calls from people thinking that The Lobster Pot is a it was a delightful young lady, Liz Young, from The Patch, calling to do an interview. So, 2 hours later she appeared  and spent the next hour touring the Studio, Gardens and House.

 She  did a great job and overed all the bases...

Here is her Patch article: