Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mariano Rivera's Portrait is finished! The Greatest closer of all time is captured in a double portrait

Painting  Mariano Rivera's Portrait

New York Yankees legend, Mariano Rivera with portrait artist Susan Boone Durkee
photo credit Joe Heinzmann


The Famous New York Yankee Pitcher and Closer

  I really enjoyed creating this portrait of such a legendary individual, not only on the field as one of the best Pitcher/Closer in Baseball history, but also as a wonderful person.

 When ever I mentioned to a client that I was painting a portrait of Mariano Rivera, the first words of comment where what a "spiritual"quality human being Mariano is. Consequently, from the first planning of the portrait to the final touches I had this wonderful warm creative inspiration....

 I choose the double portrait format because I felt this would give an intimacy with the viewer in the close up portrait vignette  and in the action pose I was showing Mariano doing what he does best on the field...closing the game and throwing his famous "Cutter".

In laying out the composition I worked from a composite of 7 different photos. I felt it was very important to add the strong light coming from above right to symbolize  Mariano's strong religious and spiritual beliefs.  

I also painted Mariano's actual glove shown in the portrait vignette shows the words Phil: 413, a biblical passage which says: " I can do all this through him who gives me strength".

Mariano Rivera, The Greatest Closer of all Time, oil on canvas

"Mariano Rivera, The Greatest Closer of all Time", detail

"Mariano Rivera, The Greatest Closer of all Time", detail

Mariano Rivera signing the prints. photo credit: Joe Heinzmann

250 Limited Edition  prints now available in 2 sizes:

Please contact the Artist for more information.

Shipping and handling, and tax extra 

Please contact the artist for  more information.


The Original 45 x 30 framed oil painting is also available now for sale. Please contact the artist for more information.



To meet the Artist and visit The Lobster Pot Studio, please click on the link below to see a delightful 4 minute film created by PBS Director/Producer James Nicoloro

Susan Boone Durkee working on her portrait of Mariano Rivera in The Lobster Pot Studio.

   Visit  to see more portraits and artwork by   Susan Boone Durkee.

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