Thursday, July 19, 2012

Susan Paints a portrait sketch of Peter Trippi, Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur

A Portrait Sketch of Peter Trippi.

 Portrait Sketch Peter Trippi

Last Saturday I painted a  16 x 20  oil on canvas portrait sketch of  Peter Trippi,  the Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur.  I based the portrait on a photo credited to Francis Hills. I allowed myself only 3 hours to paint this sketch, which I considered a fun excercise. Peter loves it..and I will be sending him the portrait to add to his collection. He is a great model and absolutely delightful man!

 Here is what Peter Trippi had to say:

"I was/am certainly impressed by your work, and would love to have the sketch if you are indeed willing to part with it.  That's very kind and generous of you....Keep up the good work, see you somewhere soonish, and thanks again!

Best,  Peter 

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