Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Tribute to American Women Leaders

Woman leaders need to be acknowledged! 

The world is a much better place because of women's leadership.
A revelation came to me today, while working in the Studio that woman's leadership in American history needs to be more recognized and honored.
 I am inspired to begin a series of oil portraits of exceptional American woman.

 These women were and are brave, determined, passionate and visionary!

 Woman leaders that come to mind are Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amelia Earhart,  Helen Coley Nauts, Sonya Sotomayor, Rosa Parks, Nancy Pelosi, Florence Nightingale, Maya Angelou, Susan B. Anthony, and Opray Winfrey to name a few.

 I have had the honor of being commissioned to paint Helen Coley Nauts, an advocate and visionary in the field of early Cancer Immunology, Gloria Steinem, a ground breaking woman's rights advocate, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor a champion of equal rights.

Helen Coley Nauts                                        Gloria Steinem                                    Sonia Sotomayor

Above are images of these portraits which can also be viewed in larger images on my website:

As a tribute to American Woman Leaders I will begin a series of oil on linen  portraits which will ranged between 14 x 18 inches to 20 x 24 inches.

I will start this exciting project with the fascinating, legendary and fearless Amelia Earhart.

An Aviation Pioneer, Amelia was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, she set many Aviation records and was also tireless woman's equal rights advocate.  
 I will research Amelia Earhart and compose a original oil portrait composition.
This is a very meaningful project for me and I cannot wait to get started!