Monday, January 13, 2014

Meeting Baseball Legend Mariano Rivera, an experience to remember!

"Mariano Rivera, The Greatest Closer of All Time"  45 x 30 oil in canvas

It was truly an honor to meet Mariano Rivera.  I was delighted that he loved my my double oil portrait. We chatted  about the creation of the portrait and capturing   his spiritual energy and our mutual love of the game of soccer.                               Photo credit Joe Heinzmann

  Photo credit Terry Vontobel


usive 250 limited edition prints of the painting are available for sale. The archival print is based on an original (30 x 45 o/c) oil  painting, depicting  Mariano Rivera at the beginning of his career and  years later closing out his career, throwing his famous "Cutter" pitch. The artist based the painting on 7 different photo imes and created the heavenly light from above to  represent Mariano's strong spiritual beliefs. Mariano's actual glove shown in the portrait vignette  shows the words Phil:413, a biblical passage which says:                       " I can do all this through him who gives me strength".


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