Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unicorn Writers Conference Fundraiser and Portrait presentation at "Mark Twain's" The Lobster Pot

Historian Brent Colley, ( and  former PBS Director and Producer James Nicoloro awaiting the  evening's
 event on The Lobster Pot Patio.

 The famous "Mark Twain" Patio at The Lobster Pot
 Jan Kardys, President of Black Hawk Literary Agency and founder of The Unicorn Writers Conference giving her  evening's presentation.
 Documentary Film Producer and Director, James Nicoloro, giving a presentation of his popular "Walking Tours of New York" and  showing his trailer for his new documentary, "The Redding Mark Twain".
 The Lobster Pot sunken Garden in bloom
More Lobster Pot Gardens in bloom

More Gardens.......

On July 7th 2012, Susan Boone Durkee and The Lobster Pot hosted a great fundraiser for  The Unicorn Writers Conference.

It was an action packed evening with about 40 attendees.  All were treated to tasty  gourmet food provided by Jan Kardys.

 The informative evening was divided into three presentations.  These included a showing of the  trailer of the new Documentary, "The Redding Mark Twain" by PBS Director and Producer, James Nicoloro and  a informative presentation by Unicorn Writers Conference founder Jan Kardys. 

The evening finished with an exciting portrait presentation by award winning  artist Susan Boone Durkee in her spacious Studio. Susan lives and works on the property once owned by Mark Twain. Mark Twain called the property The Lobster Pot.

To see  more artwork by Susan Boone Durkee, go to: 

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